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Core Database Tables

KB67 Last reviewed 27 November 2013
A list of the tables found within Camino CMS database schema.

These are the database tables required by a minimal Camino CMS instances with core module installed. Additional modules like Marketmay require additional database tables.

Table Name Description
contact_address Generic store of contact information
content_comment Stores comments submitted against content items
content_item Stores content item data
content_item_menu Stores menus
content_item_relationship Stores relationships between content items
content_link No longer required for v0.5.6 onwards Stores all links used to identify content items
content_link_definition No longer required for v0.5.6 onwards Contains module/genre specific content link definitions
content_term Used to identity and link content items outside of content item relationships.
content_term_relationship Stores content term to term relationships
log_definition Contains log entry definitions
log_entry Stores log data
message Repository of all messages issued by Camino CMS instance.
message_recipient Links individual messages to recipients
organisation Stores organisations defined for the Camino CMS instance
property_option Stores commonly used options and values
settings Stores website and module settings
tasks Scheduled Tasks
user_account Individual user details
user_group User group definitions
user_group_acl User group access control list (ACL)
user_to_site Maps individual users to defined organisations
camino_module Camino CMS Modules
camino_module_page Camino CMS Modules Administration pages
visitor_session Stores temporary visitor session data
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