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Table: user_account

KB60 Last reviewed 27 November 2013
A description of the user_account table within the Camino CMS database schema.

Stores user account data.

Field Type Null Key Default Description
user_id int(10) No Primary
creator_uid int(10) No The ID of the user account that created this account
organisation_id int(10) No 0 The primary organisation (see organisation table) for this user
primary_usergroupid int(10) No 0 Depreciated - will be removed in DB Cleanup in Camino CMS 0.6
user_username varchar(100) No Multiple The user's username
user_password varchar(50) No Multiple The encrypted user password
user_activationcode varchar(255) No The activation code for this account. This will be updated on account security actions.
user_uuid varchar(40) No user_uuid The unique ID string for the user
user_firstname varchar(100) No The user's first name
user_lastname varchar(100) No The user's last name or surname
user_title varchar(50) No The user's title
user_namesuffix varchar(100) No Any title or accreditations usually displayed after a user's name
user_displayname varchar(200) No The name commonly used for the user. Normally a composite of first name and last name
user_email varchar(100) No The user's e-mail address
user_jobtitle varchar(100) No The user's job title or position
user_referralcode varchar(100) No Any referral code that applies to this account
user_gender varchar(10) No The user's gender
user_accountstate tinyint(2) No user_login 0 0, 1 or 2 - indicates whether an account is active or not. 1 = active
user_permitinteractivelogon tinyint(2) No user_login 0 1 or 0 - used to permit/deny a user account logon privileges irrespective of their account state
user_agreedtoterms tinyint(2) No user_login 0 1 or 0 - indicates whether the user has agreed to the site's terms and conditions of use
user_agreedtoalerts tinyint(2) No user_login 0 1 or 0 - indicates whether the user has agreed to receive email alerts from the site
user_agreedtonewsletter tinyint(2) No user_login 0 1 or 0 - indicates whether the user has agreed/declined to receive newsletter emails from the site
user_cookiesaccepeted tinyint(2) No 0 1 or 0 - indicates whether a user has agreed/declined to accept site cookies. This is included as part of the EU Cookies Directive
user_accountexpirydate datetime No user_login 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The MySQL timestamp when this account will expire (this date may be altered)
user_disablenotes mediumtext Yes Contains any notes that may have been submitted if the account is disabled
user_signature mediumtext Yes The signature that will appear in messages sent by the user within the site
user_passwordremindercount int(10) No 0 The number of times the user has requested a password reset
user_activationcodedate datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The MySQL timestamp of the last occasion on which the user's activation code (see above) was changed
user_created datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The MySQL timestamp of when the user account was created
user_lastmodified datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The MySQL timestampe of when the user account was last updated or edited.


Keyname Type Cardinality Field(s) Description
user_username Index n/a user_username
username_password Index n/a user_username, user_password
user_login Index n/a user_username, userpassword, user_accountstate, user_permitinteractivelogon, user_agreedtoterms, user_agreedtoalerts, user_agreedtonewsletter, user_accountexpirydate
user_uuid FullText n/a user_uuid
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