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Camino CMS

Build rich and dynamic websites using our Camino Content Management System

Camino CMS is our custom content management system or CMS. It allows for easy editing and managing of website content.

Easy to Use

Camino was designed to be easy to use. New pages are easy to add and managing existing ones is just as easy. The page editor utilises a rich text editor so individual authors can add content without requiring any programming knowledge. Alternatively, you can copy and paste information from existing documents.

Scalable and Flexible

Camino can be easily adapted and expanded to suit individual requirements. If your needs cannot be met with one of the standard add-on modules, we can design and build modules to suit your requirements.

Current add-on modules include Blogs, News Feeds, Support Knowledgebase, and the E-Commerce Market

Access Control

Unlike many content management systems, Camino incorporates a sophisticated access control system giving managers granular control over what pages visitors may access.

Who is using it?

Camino is already in use with several clients and powers the Calzada Media website. Existing users includeLamella Heating Supplies, Sea2Shore and Whiteleaf Networks Limited.

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