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    E-Commerce Website Package

    For businesses looking to expand into e-commerce online shopping or enhance their existing shop, we offer a bespoke e-commerce system based on our Camino Content Management System.

    Wherever possible, we aim to implement an e-commerce system then closely ties in with the way your business works.  From the sales cycle, ordering process, delivery and payment collection.

    Built using our Camino Content Management System together with the advanced Market module, you are able to manage nearly every aspect of your online shop from product catalogue, customer accounts, orders, invoices, payments and stock levels.

    Furthermore, you may also enhance your website’s presence with extra pages including product help, customer feedback, newsletters and testimonials.

    This package comes with al

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    Hosted Exchange. Monthly

    Hosted Exchange gives you the opportunity to build on your customer service and business efficiency by enabling you to connect, collaborate and share wherever your and whenever you need to.

    With our Hosted Exchange, you get the communication and collaboration power of Microsoft Exchange without the capital investment and maintenance costs.

    Key Advantages

    • Reduced IT Infrastructure Costs
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Instant deployment
    • 50GB Mailbox as standard, expandable to 125GB
    • Enhanced Security
    • Mobile email 'push' technology
    • No upgrades or repairs
    • Shared calendars and contacts
    • Easy mailbox control
    • Public folders
    • Instant scalability
    • Multiple UK based Data Centres

    Pay as you Go + Grow

    With monthly or

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Calzada Media are a website design and development company offering tailored website design and management solutions for businesses in Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and The Chilterns.

Calzada Media's ethos is produce solutions that are tailored to individual requirements, are easy to use, scalable and reliable. From simple websites through to complex hosted web applications, Calzada Media can deliver the complete website package from initial design to in-service management.

Calzada Media operates its' own hosting servers and offers affordable web hosting, domain registration and web management solutions.


Design Life Cycle: Design - Build - Host - Manage

Web Design
Your website should reflect your business and brand. We produce website tailored to each client's individual needs and requirements.
TaxiOffice is our complete management system for taxi and private hire operators that streamlines complex operations into one easy-to-use hosted solution.
SEO & Website Management
Once launched, a website needs to be maintained to give the highest possible return on investment. Unlock your website's potential with our management and SEO services.
Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Get the professional power, versatility and reliability of Microsoft Exchange from as little as £5.50 per month. Includes a massive 25GB mailbox as standard.
Website Hosting
Affordable and reliable website hosting ideal for small and medium businesses.
Domain Registration
Great value on domain registrations with .COM from £9.99 / year and .UK from £3.99 / year.
E-Commerce & Web Payments
We are adept in building e-commerce solutions and integrating payment systems into existing websites.
Print Design
Give your business a distinct and consistent bradning with bespoke stationary design that matches and compliments your website.
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