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Table: content_comment

KB44 Last reviewed 27 November 2013
A description of the content_comment table within the Camino CMS database schema.

Stores comments submitted against content items.

Field Type Null Key Default Description
comment_id int(10) No Primary Primary ID
item_id int(10) No Multiple 0 Content Item ID
organisation_id int(10) No 0 Organisation ID
parent_commentid int(10) No 0 Parent Comment ID (if any)
user_id int(10) No 0 The ID of the user who wrote the comment
content_module varchar(30) Yes The Camino module for this comment
comment_authorname varchar(255) Yes Author's name
comment_authoremail varchar(255) Yes Author's email address
comment_authorurl varchar(255) Yes Author's Url (not required by site)
comment_title varchar(255) Yes Comment title
comment_text text Yes Comment content
comment_state tinyint(2) No 0 The comment's state (typically used for moderation)
comment_type varchar(10) Yes Comment type
comment_ratingscore decimal(6,2) No 0.0 A rating or score for the comment
comment_uuid varchar(40) Yes The unique identification string for the comment
comment_created datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The MySQL timestamp of comment creation
comment_lastmodified datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The MySQL timestamp of when the comment was last edited or updated


Keyname Type Cardinality Field
PRIMARY PRIMARY 0 comment_id
contentitem Index None item_id, comment_state, comment_created
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