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Table: user_group_acl

KB62 Last reviewed 27 November 2013
A description of the user_group_acl table within the Camino CMS database schema.

Store Access Control List or ACL data. This defines access to individual objects - typically content items - based on user group membership.

Field Type Null Key Default Description
id int(10) No Primary Primary
acl_identity_name varchar(100) No The ACL identity
group_id int(10) No 0 The ID of the user group
linked_id int(10) No 0 The ID of the database object being included in this link
creator_uid int(10) No 0 The ID of the user account that created the ACL
datecreated datetime No 0000-00-00 00:00:00 The MySQL timestamp of when this ACL was created


Keyname Type Cardinality Field(s) Description
acl_identity_name Index n/a acl_identity_name
group_id Index n/a group_id
linked_id Index n/a linked_id
acl_lookup Index n/a acl_identity_name, group_id, linked_id Principal index used in ACL lookups
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