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The Road Ahead

15 Jul 2019
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We've made a few changes to our customer (MyAccount) login to protect against malicious login attempts. Customers logging in will now need to complete a CAPTCHA or Are you human? question in addition to entering their username and password details. We've added the CAPTCHA challenge to guard against malicious automated systems that may attempt to penetrate our login system through a brute force attack.

Our CAPTCHA challenge is to complete a relatively simple maths operation, for example: 1 + 2 = ? If you are unable to complete the CAPTCHA question, refresh the login page (press F5 or CTRL+R or use the browser refresh button) to get a new CAPTCHA question.

If you have any questions about CAPTCHA or your customer account, please contact us.

13 Oct 2017
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Spam (or electronic b*ll*cks to quote one customer) is a substantial irritant to both our customers and ourselves. On average, about 50% of the messages our receive each day are categorised as being spam. A substantial proportion of these messages are intercepted and deleted before they reach individual mailboxes. Messages that don't meet the deletion criteria are automatically placed with the SPAM folder in each mailbox as the odd one or two may be legitimate.

Over time, individual spam folders can grow to contain hundreds or thousands of messages. As the size of the spam folder does count towards overall mailbox size usage, there have been a few instances where a large spam folder has consumed an entire mailbox's quota. Once this quota limit is reached, no new messages can be sent or received by the mailbox until some messages are deleted.

To counter this, as of 12th October we've instituted a new policy whereby we will automatically delete all spam messages that are older than 28 days. To avoid any valid messages being lost, we advise all customers to check the contents of their spam folder at least once a week and move any false-positives (valid messages categorized as spam) to another folder within their mailbox.

We're starting with 28 days, but we are looking at reducing this period down to 21 or even 14 days based upon customer feedback. The deletion occurs on our server, so you may not see messages being removed from spam folders until your account next synchronises with our servers.

01 Sep 2015
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From 1st September we are slightly changing the way we handle support enquiries. The existing Support Helpdesk website has been replaced with new functionality within the My Account area of our website.

To manage and create a support ticket, click on the Sign In button at the top of the page, and then once logged in, click on the Tickets tab with My Account.

For customers that prefer to contact support via email - using the address support [at] - this will continue to operate as before.

The old helpdesk at has been retired. Any visitors to that address will automatically be redirected to the new helpdesk address of

Important Information

As a measure against SPAM and other email-borne nasties, the ticket system only processes messages from recognised email accounts, principally the email address defined with your Calzada Media account. Messages from unknown senders will not be automatically deleted, but will be processed within 24-48 of receipt.

27 Jul 2015
 by  in Announcements, Customers
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Some customers may have recently received a message with the subject (your-domain-name) notice from the email address containing the text ATTENTION: IMPORTANT NOTICE and purporting to have been sent from Domain SEO Service Registration Corp. An example of this message is included below (with the domain name blocked out in orange).

This message is a scam.

We strongly recommend that you do not click on any link in the message - including the unsubscription link. Just delete the message and ignore it.

We've seen this message before - May 2014 - and it is an attempt to fool domain owners into spending money on a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service from a corporation allegedly based in Florida.

All instances of this message we've seen to date have been captured by our spam filters.

domainregistrationconjuly2015.jpg - Click for larger image

09 Jan 2014
 by  in Customers, Maintenance
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We will be performing some maintenance work to our mail services from around 22:00 to 00:00 tonight (10th January 2014). This work will involve a short period of downtime for all mail services.

If you require any further information, please contact us at

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