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Where is my spam or junk mail

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17 Jan 2014


This article explains where spam or junk mail messages are stored within your mailbox. This article does not apply to customers using Hosted Exchange.

The SPAM folder

Any incoming message (see note 1 below) that is identified as being spam is automatically moved into the SPAM folder within your mailbox. The SPAM folder is only created once you receive your first spam message.

Why does this matter?

No spam filter is perfect and it is sometimes possible for a perfectly valid message to be identified as being spam - this is often called a false-positive. We recommend that you check the contents of the SPAM folder regularly for false positives.

How to access the SPAM folder


The SPAM folder is accessible via IMAP and may automatically appear in your list of mailbox folders. If you configured your IMAP account prior to January 2014, you may need to manually re-subscribe or update your folders list to see the SPAM folder.

POP Users

If you use conventional POP to access your mailbox, you typically will not have access to the SPAM folder. To access the contents of the SPAM folder, you need either to use Webmail (see below) or use IMAP


Once logged into webmail, you should see the SPAM folder within the left-hand list of mailbox folders.


  1. Our spam filters work on a scoring system. Any message with a score of 5 or over is considered to be spam. A message with a score of 10 or more is automatically deleted.
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