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The Road Ahead - Tag: Maintenance

23 Dec 2021 by Alexander John Help & Support, Maintenance
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As is traditional at the time of year, in between mince pies and other festivities we will be installing some upgrades and undertaking routine maintenance on our systems. Wherever possible, we schedule this work to take place at time of low activity and interruption. Typically, the period between Christmas and New Year is such a time.

We don't anticipate any substantial downtime or upgrade work. If there will be any downtime periods in excess of five minutes, we will announce them in advance through our regular channels.

Further updates on the installed upgrades and any new or enhanced features or services will be released in the near future.

24 Sep 2021 by Alexander John Help & Support, Maintenance
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We will be performing routine maintenance on our TAMAR server later tonight (24th September 2021) after 8pm. We anticipate the total time required will be around 30 minutes to one hour.

During this period, there may be slight impairments to services or the occasional period of service unavailability.

We will update this post when the maintenance has been completed.

30 Jun 2021 by Alexander John Help & Support
Length: 10 seconds (34 words)

As part of routine maintenance and housekeeping, we will be restarting our TAMAR server at around 20:00 (BST) on the 30th June. We anticipate that downtime should last no longer than five minutes.

20 Oct 2020 by Alexander John Help & Support, Maintenance
Length: 14 seconds (46 words)

We will be performing some routine server maintenance from around 20:00 tonight (UK/GMT time). There may be a slight impairment of our services whilst this work is taking place.

As always and updates or changes will be posted here and on our Twitter feed.

10 Mar 2020 by Alexander John Help & Support, Maintenance
Length: 16 seconds (53 words)

We are currently upgrading the software used by our hosting control panel ( During this upgrade there may be short periods when the control panel will be unavailable.

This upgrade work will not affect any of our services (websites, email etc).

To track progress and read updates, see Alerts & Notices.

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