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The Road Ahead

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15 Jul 2015
 by Alexander John in WebFileManager
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In response to yet another set of serious security vulnerabilities, Mozilla has blocked the Adobe Flash plugin from working in its' Firefox web browser. This block will remain in place until Adobe releases a version of Flash that fixes these vulnerabilities. Adobe has already patched one of these flaws and the other two are due to addressed this week.

Firefox users are still able to use Flash, but they will have to manually activate each Flash App. Mozilla has also released instructions on how to adjust Firefox's settings to that Flash will only run upon a direct request from the user.

How does this affect Calzada products?

Adobe Flash is only found in WebFileManager where it is used by the file uploader component, Plupload. Most users will not be affected as Plupload only uses the Flash runtime if your browser does not support HTML5.

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