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Connecting to MariaDB Remotely

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17 Jul 2012, last updated 21 Sep 2016


This article explains how to connect to our MariaDB/MySQL database servers.

MariaDB or MySQL

As of November 2015, we have migrated from MySQL to MariaDB.

Connecting remotely

To connect remotely, you must first know the address of the server hosting your website.

Please note that we use the non-standard port of 3307 for database connections. Any connections on the default port of 3306 will be refused.

The connection details are:

  • Server Address: hosting-server-address
  • Server Port: 3307
  • Username : your-mariadb-username
  • Password: your-mariadb-password

Change the values of hosting-server-address, your-mariadb-username and your-mariadb-password to your details.

Limitations and Restrictions

We provide remote access to MariaDB only for the purposes of database management and administration. You should not use remote connections to power applications or services that are not hosted on our servers.

All remote connections are logged and are subject to operational limitations. If you need to perform complex queries or updates, we request that you do this outside of normal working hours.

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