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The Road Ahead

News, updates and thoughts from Calzada Media

21 Jul 2014
 by Alexander John in Announcements, Help & Support
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Our new Network & Service Status website is now live at This new service presents live status information taken from the systems that continually monitor the availability of our websites and services.

Our support helpdesk ( has also moved to a new server. Any existing tickets have been transferred across and the website and e-mail addresses remain unchanged.

With these changes, our key support and status systems are now independent of our web hosting infrastructure - they are even located in a different part of the country! This aim of these changes to impose a higher degree of resilience - in the event of a hosting issue our independent support systems will continue to operate allowing our customers to monitor our status and contact us.

14 Mar 2014
 by Alexander John in Announcements, Help & Support
Length: 27 seconds (89 words)

You can now check the status of our services and websites using the new Service Status page. This displays realtime status information taken from our monitoring systems.

In addition to displaying the individual statuses, this page will also display the uptime for each service or website.

We do perform regular maintenance work, and this may involve some periods of downtime. Announcements of maintenance work and any ongoing issues may be found on our blog and Twitter feed.

Edited: 2nd October 2015 to fix broken links.

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