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The Road Ahead

News, updates and thoughts from Calzada Media

13 Mar 2014
 by Alexander John in Announcements, LeafUrl, Products & Services
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11 Mar 2014
 by Alexander John in Products & Services, Web Hosting
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Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5 is now available for all web hosting packages. Existing customers may use the framework by updating the compilation tag in your ASP.Net application's web.config to something like:

The Hosting Control Panel may not show ASP.Net 4.5 as a selectable framework within the Website Properties page. As long as you set the selected ASP.Net framework to version 4.0 and use the compilation tag described above, your application should use the new framework.

We do still support .Net Framework v1 albeit on a case-by-case basis. If you wish to use .NET Framework 1, please contact support for assistance.

If you require any additional information or have a question, please please contact support for assistance.

04 Dec 2013
 by Alexander John in Announcements, Products & Services, TaxiOffice
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We're nearly there. After many months of hard work, we're nearly ready to release TaxiOffice for public use.

Development work aside, we've already started building up material relating to TaxiOffice. The TaxiOffice section of the knowledgebase is growing daily with new articles covering all aspects of TaxiOffice ranging from adding jobs, managing customers through to sending newsletters.

Although there is already a FAQ in place, here's is a quick primer on TaxiOffice:

What is TaxiOffice?

TaxiOffice is a complete operations management service for taxi and private hire businesses. Designed and developed in partnership with partners in the private hire sector, TaxiOffice streamlines business operations and systems into one easy-to-use service.

How does it work?

TaxiOffice is a subscription service with everything hosted by us on our servers. You don't need to buy any equipment or install any software and we take care of all routine maintenance. All you need is a computer with access to the Internet and an e-mail account.

Subscriptions will be monthly and possibly annually as well.

Do I require a website or web hosting?

No. Hosting and a public website will be included as part of any TaxiOffice subscription. All subscriptions will include a free sub-domain as well like, but you can use a full domain if you wish.

Where are your right now?

TaxiOffice is currently in the middle of closed pre-release testing with our development partners. Once any final bugs are ironed out, we'll be in a position to state once and for all when it will be available.

Will there be a demo?

Yes. There will be a fully functional demo available at where anyone can get a taste of TaxiOffice.

Where can I find out more?

If you want to know more, please get in touch.

06 Dec 2012
 by Alexander John in Announcements, Products & Services, Web Hosting
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As part of our rolling program to continually improve our services, we have upgraded our hosting control panel to the latest version of WebsitePanel.

The newer version includes new features and updates that enable customers to more finely manage their Calzada hosting accounts. One key new feature that many of our customers have asked for is now available - the ability to set expiry dates for auto-responder/out of office messages.

As there are some differences between the old and new version of WebsitePanel, we will be updating some articles within our knowledgebase shortly. If you have any suggestion or queries, please do get in touch.

25 Sep 2012
 by Alexander John in Products & Services, Web Hosting
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We've revised our web hosting plans for autumn 2012 with revised limits and new functionality available on all packages.

We've introducted a new Starter package aimed for those wanting to build their first website without compromising on capability and functionality. Costing just £24+VAT per year, the Starter package will give you professional web hosting from just £2+VAT per month.

At the top end, our Business and Business Plus packages now offer enhanced functionality and capability allowing for multiple websites and domains to be hosted under one package.

To compare our packages and to order online, please see our Autumn 2012 Hosting Packages.

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