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Mail FAQs

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27 Apr 2015, last updated 24 Feb 2016 10:49

How do I configure my email program/client

Step-by-step guides on configuring most common email programs may be found here.

How do I access Webmail?

Webmail is accessible at, You will need to know your mail account's password to login.

More information about Webmail

Do your mail servers support STARTTLS / TLS / SSL?

Yes. We offer secure connections for all SMTP, IMAP and POP3 traffic.

How do you filter Spam or Junk messages?

All incoming messages go through a series of anti-spam tests. If a message fails a test, its' spam score is increased. Once a message's spam score reaches a certain threshold, it is classified as being a spam message and its' subject is tagged with the text [SPAM] and is automatically moved into your mailbox's SPAM folder. If a message's spam score is sufficiently high, it will automatically be deleted.

How large an attachment can I send or receive?

The maximum size of any message - either sent or received - is 30MB. This size limit applies to the whole message, so this includes the message itself and attachments.

How may recipients may a message have?

Each message may have upto 100 recipients. However, it is not a good idea to include so many recipients in a single message as some mail servers may well treat the message as spam.

Where are your mail servers?

All of our mail servers are located in the UK. Our primary server is located in Reading and our backup is in London.

Do you allow bulk message sending?

We only allow bulk messaging for functionality like company newsletters etc. To mitigate against potential congestion, we ask that any newsletters are sent outside of normal business hours (09:00 - 18:00).

Any form of SPAM and/or malicious messaging is explicitly prohibited.

All are subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy and other legal agreements.

Do you backup mail accounts?

Our mail services (configuration + data) are automatically backed up every day with backups being retained for at least a week. These backups are stored off-server.

If you wish to create your own backup, see Backing Up Mail Account using IMAPSize.

Do you operate a Backup MX?

Yes. In the event that our primary mail server is unavailable - for example undergoing maintenance - your messages will automatically be delivered to our backup server. They will be held there until the primary server is again available.

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