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Bulk Messaging & Spamming

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19 Jul 2012, last updated 27 Nov 2013 16:01

Spam is an ever prevalent component of modern e-mail systems. A significant majority of normal e-mail traffic is classified as being either spam, junk or unsolicited messages. Due to the manner it which spammers operate, it is very hard to shut them down. Consequently, it is necessary to employ various measures to intercept and identity spam messages.

Our mail servers incorporate a number of anti-spam measures designed to identify and tag spam before it reaches your mailbox. As a rule, we never delete any messages, but any messages our filters deem to be spam, are tagged as such. These tagged messages will typically have their subject text prefixed with the word [SPAM] or similar.

Website Messaging

All hosting customers may send messages through our mail servers as part of typical website activities. Although we do impose a message limit, excessive message sending may in violation of the Acceptable Usage Policy and as such may lead to account suspension or termination without warning.

Important Note

Although we make every effort to protect our Customer e-mail traffic, we make no warranty regarding the safety, security or legitimacy of messages passing through our servers. We strongly recommend that all customers have security measures in place (Anti-Virus software) to protect themselves against possible security breaches.

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