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TaxiOffice Maintenance Update 15th June 2015

16 Jun 2015 13:25 by Alexander John

We have implemented an update to TaxiOffice's Subscription Management System that corrects several minor issues. This includes a fix to the rare "Site Offline" bug that sometimes occurred when a TaxiOffice site was transitioning between subscription periods.

This update does not affect TaxiOffice directly and there have been no changes to individual TaxiOffice instances. It applies to the underlying system responsible for managing TaxiOffice subscriptions.

If you experience a problem or have a question about using TaxiOffice, please get in touch.

Future TaxiOffice Updates

As we are currently drawing up plans for the next version of TaxiOffice, we are looking for suggestions on how to improve TaxiOffice. This may be either new features or enhancements to existing capabilities. If you have a suggestion, please let us know via our Support Helpdesk.

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