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How do I pay my TaxiOffice Subscription

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02 Oct 2013, last updated 24 Feb 2016 10:46

What is TaxiOffice?

TaxiOffice is an online taxi and private hire management solution development, hosted and managed by Calzada Media. TaxiOffice has been developed in partnership with the Taxi industry to deliver a solution

TaxiOffice is comprised of two websites: The Admin website where the taxi & private hire operator manages their business, and a public website that delivers a customer facing portal allows for online bookings and account management.

Can I buy TaxiOffice?

TaxiOffice is a subscription based service.

Can I host TaxiOffice on my own server or web space?

No. TaxiOffice is hosted by Calzada Media on our servers and maintained by our support team. The cost of hosting is included in subscription.

How do I pay for TaxiOffice?

For details on how to pay, please see Paying for Subscriptions.

Where are my invoices?

All of your invoices are available to view and download at any time through the My Account area. To access, click on the Customer Login link at the top of this page and login using your Calzada Media account details.

How do I ask a question?

Get in touch with our support team by sending them a message through our Support Helpdesk.

Can I make a suggestion?

If you have a suggestion on how to improve TaxiOffice, please send your suggestion to taxioffice-feedback [at]

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