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Email Virus Scanning Update

22 Jan 2015 15:12 by Alexander John

We have recently revised and updated the anti-virus and anti-malware scanning that we perform on all incoming messages for our standard mail accounts.

As before, any message (including attachments) that is detected as containing a virus or malware will automatically and irrevocably be deleted. This entire process occurs before the offending message is delivered to the recipient's inbox.

If a virus or malware is detected, our mail servers will also send a notification message to the intended recipient. This notification includes key information like the sender's address and the message's subject. As many infected messages may also be considered to be spam, the notification message may end up in your mailbox's SPAM folder.

As we cannot guarantee that our antivirus scanners will intercept every infected message, we strongly urge all of customers to install antivirus software on their PCs. There are a substantial range of antivirus/security software providers - AVG, Avast, Eset, Mcafee to name but a few - many of whom offer a free* versions of their antivirus products.

* Software licence conditions and limitations will vary - please check with supplier.

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