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Configure IMAP account folders in Mozilla Thunderbird

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06 Jan 2015, last updated 16 Mar 2023 18:27


Typically, Mozilla Thunderbird will automatically detect and subscribe (i.e. download) all IMAP mail folders. If one or more of the standard IMAP folders (Inbox, Draft, Sent, Deleted Items and SPAM) do not exist*, it may be necessary to manually configure folder subscription

* Note: The SPAM folder is not created until the first spam or junk mail message is detected by our mail filters.


This article assumes that the IMAP account has already been configured in Mozilla Thunderbird.

1. In Live Mail, right-click on the mail account name and selected Subscribe from the contextual menu.

Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP Folder Subscribe 1

2. The Subscribe dialog should show a list of all folders for your account (see screenshot below for an example). If no folders are listed, click on the Refresh button.

Mozilla Thunderbird IMAP Folder Subscribe 2

3. Select the folders you wish to subscribe to by ticking/checking the box next to the folder name. Once selected, click on the Subscribe button.

4. To save the changes, click on OK

5. You will be returned to the main Thunderbird window. The list of IMAP folders will automatically be updated the next time Thunderbird performs a Send/Receive operation.

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