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Configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

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18 Jul 2014, last updated 16 Mar 2023 18:27


This article provides a step-by-step guide on adding and configuring your Calzada e-mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird. Although this guide is primarily aimed at Windows users, it also applies to Thunderbird for Linux and Mac.

Note: This article only applies to standard e-mail accounts, it does not apply to Hosted Microsoft Exchange. Details on how to configure Outlook for hosted Exchange may be found here.


For explanatory purposes, this guide will use the e-mail address of Please replace this address with your e-mail address.


1: Download and install Thunderbird from

2: Launch Mozilla Thunderbird, and then click on Email under Create a new account

Thunderbird E-mail Setup 1

3: On the Welcome to Thunderbird dialog, click on the Skip this and use my existing email button at the bottom.

Thunderbird Setup Step 2

4. Enter your full name, your e-mail address and your password into the relevant textboxes and then click on Continue

Thunderbird setup step 3

5. Thunderbird will attempt to automatically detect server names. Typically this doesn't work, so one the process has completed, click on the Manual Config button.

Thunderbird setup step 5

6. Manually enter the server addresses as follows:

  • Incoming (IMAP):
  • Outgoing (SMTP)
  • Username: Your full e-mail address

Test the entered values by clicking on Re-Test

Once completed, click on the Done button.

Thunderbird Setup Step 5

7. You may see a warning message. If so, check/tick the option I understand the risks and then click on the Done button.

Thunderbird setup step 7

8. Thunderbird will now begin downloading your mailbox.

Additional Information

Mozilla Thunderbird automatically checks for updates and will prompt the user to install them. As these updates may contain security or performance fixes, we recommend that you install these updates when prompted.

The functionality and capabilities of Thunderbird may be expanded through the installation of Add-ons. Installation and usage of Addons is done at your own risk.

Mozilla Thunderbird is developed by the Mozilla. If you are experiencing problems or have a question about Thunderbird, please refer to Thunderbird Help Topics.

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