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Managing TaxiOffice Settings

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04 Dec 2013, last updated 04 Dec 2013 19:40


This article provides information about how to manage settings and configuration options within TaxiOffice.

What are settings?

Settings are the configuration options for TaxiOffice. Individual settings may just be used for storing information - for example, the operator's trading name; or they maydefine a how TaxiOffice behaves - e.g. permitting customer registrations.

Changing Settings

Important: Only user accounts assigned the Administrator role are able to manage settings.

To manage settings:

  1. Log into TaxiOffice Admin
  2. Go to Settings & Tools > Settings
  3. Scroll down the list until you locate the settings you wish to alter
  4. Click on the Change button within the box that contains the settings you wish to change
  5. A dialog will appear containing options and fields for the settings. Complete your changes and then click on the Save button
  6. Any changed settings will take immediate effect.

Settings Categories

As there are nearly 60 operator configurable settings, individual settings have been grouped together into categories in the Settings Management page.

General Information

  • Trading Name - The Trading name for your company or organisation. This may differ from your Registered Name
  • Registered Name - This is the formal name of your company or organisation. If you a sole trader, enter your full name.
  • Company Number - If you are a registered company or organisation, enter your registration number
  • Registration Jurisdiction - If you are a registered company or organisation, enter the jurisdiction in which you are registered
  • Registered Address - If you are a registered company or organisation, enter the registered address. This may differ from your trading address
  • Contact Telephone This is the telephone number used by us (Calzada Media) to contact you.
  • Contact E-mail - This is the address to which TaxiOffice alerts will be sent.

Operator Settings

  • Services Provided - Select the services you offer. Please only select services you are legally permitted to offer.
  • Local Authority - The name of the local authority, council or unitary authority you operate in.
  • Towns/Places Covered - A list of principal towns, cities, communities and places of interest your company covers. Separate individual names with commas.


These settings are for public and customer use.

  • Telephone Number - the public telephone number used by your company
  • Telephone (Outside UK) - The international telephone number for your company. If you use a premium rate or freephone number for Telephone Number, enter its' standard telephone number equivalent.
  • Fax Number - any public fax number advertised by your company
  • E-mail Address - this is the public e-mail address for your company and will be shown on the public website and is the sender address used by all messages sent by TaxiOffice.
  • Skype - Your Skype Identity.

Business Operations

These setting define your business' operating details including opening hours and lead time for booking.s

  • Opening Time - Your opening or start of business time.
  • Closing Time - Your closing time.
  • Job Lead Time - Defines how long in advance a booking must be made.


In the majority of instances, the values for Fares may be defined by your Local Authority. Please enter all values without any currency symbols.

  • First Mile Fare - The fare to charge for the first mile of the journey
  • Fare Per Mile - The fare to charge for subsequent miles
  • Minimum Fare - The minimum chargeable fare
  • Tariff 2 Multiplier - The decimal multiplier for Tariff 2
  • MPV Multiplier - The multiplier to apply for MPVs
  • Miles Per Gallon - The anticipated average MPG
  • Cost Per Litre - The current average cost/litre of fuel

Payment Methods

Settings within this section principally apply to invoicing. Once defined, it is not possible to change currency.

  • Accepted Methods - The payment methods accepted by your company
  • Invoice Address - The address to use on invoices.
  • Payment Period - The number of days after the invoice date payment is due by
  • Payment Terms - Notice of payment terms to including in invoices.
  • Payment Information - Notice of payment information to include in invoices.


If you are registered for Value Added Tax (VAT) or Sales Tax, this section should be completed.

  • VAT Registered - Whether you are registered for VAT or sales tax
  • VAT Number - Your VAT number
  • VAT Standard Rate - The standard VAT rate to apply. This is a percentage in a whole value. i.e. 20 = 20%


For more information, see Enabling or disabling customer applications.

  • Customer Registration - Enable or disable public customer registration.
  • Auto-Approve Customers - Tick to automatically approve new customer accounts. If unticked, new accounts will have to be manually approved.
  • Customer Login - Enable or disable the public login for customers.

Social Media

TaxiOffice includes support for several social media services. You don't have to supply any social media details, but social media usage is a valuable tool in promoting your services.

  • Facebook Page - The Url or address of your Facebook profile page
  • Google+ Page - The Url or address of your Google+ profile page
  • LinkedIn Page - The Url or address of your LinkedIn profile page
  • Twitter Page - The Url or address of your Twitter feed.

Loyalty Points

The Loyalty Points box will only appear if your TaxiOffice subscription includes the Loyalty Module.

  • Loyalty Enabled - Simple tick/untick to enable or disable the loyalty points module
  • Enable for new registrations - If ticked/checked, loyalty points will automatically be enabled for new customer accounts. If unticked, loyalty points will have to be manually enabled for new customers.
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