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TaxiOffice User Permissions

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04 Dec 2013, last updated 15 Oct 2015 12:57


This article explains the various user roles or permissions in TaxiOffice. User roles define and control what an individual user account may access and do.

Management or Admin Accounts

These are user accounts that may log into the Admin website and manage TaxiOffice. There are at present three management roles: Staff, Manager and Administrator.


The Staff role provides access to the core functionality of TaxiOffice including adding customers, managing jobs and quotes and generating invoices.

User accounts with the Staff role cannot alter any system settings, edit mail templates or create user accounts.


In addition to the features accessible by Staff users, managers may backup/export data, send newsletters and manage Staff user accounts.

Managers cannot alter system settings or manage the content of the public website.


The Administrator role provides full access and control over a TaxiOffice instance.

All TaxiOffice instances include at least one user account with Administrator privileges. The account always has the user admin and it cannot be managed through the Admin website. Management of this account is only possible through the Calzada Media Control Panel.

Other Accounts

Within TaxiOffice, there are two other types of user accounts: customer and driver. Neither of these accounts are manageable through the User Manager.

Customer Accounts

Each customer account includes a user account with a role of Customer. Customer user accounts are managed through the Customers section of the Admin Website.

Driver Accounts

Every driver that uses the Android App also has a user account. These user accounts only work with the Android App - they cannot be used to log into the Admin or public website. Driver user accounts are managed through Driver Management.

Additional Information

  • The number of user accounts that may be created for each role may be subject to individual subscription limits.
  • It is not possible to change the password for the Admin account through the Admin Website
  • It is not possible to generate a list of passwords
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