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Changing the TaxiOffice Admin Account Password

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28 Nov 2013


This article explains how to change the password for the TaxiOffice Admin account.

Can you tell me the password?

Passwords within TaxiOffice are stored in a manner that makes them nearly impossible to decrypt. Accordingly, we cannot tell you the password because even we cannot decrypt it.

If you have forgotten the password, you will need to change it.

Why can't I change the password in TaxiOffice?

You cannot change the password for the admin account through the TaxiOffice Admin site. This is a deliberate policy implemented given the capabilities of the admin account.

Changing the password

The admin account password may only be changed through the Calzada Media My Account Control Panel.

  1. Click on the Customer Login button at the top of the page and login using your Calzada Media account
  2. Once logged in, click on the TaxiOffice tab in My Account
  3. From the list of instances, click on the View/Manage link for the target instance
  4. You will now see an overview of the instance. Below the main overview box, there will be a series of options. One of these will be labelled Change Password. Click on the Change Password link within it.
  5. In the Change Admin Password enter your new password into the Password and Repeat Password boxes and then click on the Set Password button.

Please allow 5-10 minutes for the new password to take effect. You should receive a notification e-mail once the new password has been applied.

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