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Enabling TaxiOffice Customer Account Applications

Article Id:
28 Nov 2013, last updated 28 Nov 2013 14:55


TaxiOffice includes the capability for potential customers to apply for a customer account through the public website. By default, this capability is disabled within TaxiOffice, but may be easily activated through the Admin site.

If you opt to enable public account applications, TaxiOffice includes an additional control mechanism that gives operators the ability to either manually or automatically approve applications.


To be able to change this setting, you will need to login with staff account that has Manager or Admin permissions.

  1. Log in to TaxiOffice Admin
  2. Go to Settings & Tools and then Settings
  3. Scroll down the page until you reach the Customer Accounts section.
  4. Within the Customer Accounts section, click on the Change button
  5. A dialog will appear containing three options. Check or tick the options you wish to enable and then click on the Save button
  6. The new settings will take immediate effect.

Additional Information

  1. The availability of this functionality and the total number of customer accounts that may be created may be subject to limitations imposed by your TaxiOffice Subscription.
  2. Customers will not be able to login until their account has been approved. Therefore, if the setting Auto Approve Customer Registrations is not checked/ticked, then any customer who's account has yet to be approved will not be able to login.
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