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Substantial Mail Issues 25th April 2017

25 Apr 2017 10:30 by Alexander John
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Our standard mail services are currently experiencing substantial issues. Our primary mail server suffered a substantial failure this morning and we have still not be able to revive it

Hosted Exchange services are not affected and our web hosting, domain registration and other services are working normally.

We are currently working with our server provider to restore normal service as soon as possible. Our current plan is to restore the server using last night's backup that is undertaken by our server provider.

We will post regular updates in the post and at on Twitter at

Update 13:40

Unfortunately, recovery using last night's backup has failed. It would appear that the cause of the issue occurred prior to the backup taking place.

We will now attempt to recover using a slightly older backup.

Update 15:30

Unfortunately, all attempts to restore have from our server provider backups have failed. We are currently rebuilding the server and hope to restore normal service as soon as possible.

Update 17:53

The replacement server has been provisioned and we are progressing through the installation and configuration tasks. If there are no major issues we aim to restored standard mail services later today.

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