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Camino Licencing FAQs

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30 Aug 2014, last updated 24 Feb 2016 10:47

What is a Camino Licence?

A Camino licence is a software licence issued by Calzada Media Limited. A software licence is a legal instrument that governs the use and redistribution of Camino CMS. A Camino Licence grants an end-user permission to use Camino in ways where such use otherwise would be a violation of Calzada Media Limited's copyright and intellectual property

Who manages and issues licences?

Licences are only issued and managed by Calzada Media Limited.

May I transfer or sell my licence?

No. Licences are only intended for use by the original end-user.

The only possible exception to this rule is where the end-user - as an organisation - is purchased or merges with another organisation. In these circumstances, Calzada Media Limited reserves the right, at its' own discretion, to transfer the licence to the new organisation.

Can I change my licence?

In most cases, yes.

Most licences impose some form of technical limitations that you may outgrow. To request a new licence, please contact us.

How do I install my licence?

See Installing a Camino Licence

How do I backup my licence?

See Backing-up a Camino Licence.

What happens if my licence expires?

Once a licence expires, Camino will cease to work. Any visitors to your public-facing website will be greeted with an application offline message and you will not be able to log into the Camino Administrator.

To correct this, you will need to obtain and install a new licence.

How do I ask licence questions?

Please send all licence messages via our Support Helpdesk. Where possible, please include the Licence ID found on the About Camino page in Camino Administrator as this will assist in identifying your individual licence.

What technical limitations are imposed by the licence?

As well as granting permission to use Camino, a licence may also specify limits like a maximum number of content items.

Full details of any technical limitations imposed by a licence may be found on the About Camino page in Camino Administrator.

What is a Camino Licence

Who issues the licence

Are licences transferrable

Can I change my licence

What is a Camino Licence.

A licence is legal permission from Calzada Media Limited to a specified person or organisation (the licence holder) to use Camino CMS.

Technically, the licence defines limitations within Camino. Common limitations are a maximum number of content items or user accounts.

Who issues the licence?

All licences are issued and managed by Calzada Media.

Are licences transferrable?

No. Licences are only issued for use by the licence holder. The sale or transfer of licences is not permitted.

Can I change my licence?

Yes. If you opt

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