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Accessing Website Statistics

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19 Jul 2012, last updated 02 Feb 2017 22:57
Statistics are not automatically enabled. To check and enable statistics, please seeEnabling Website Statistics.


All hosting packages include AWStats as the default statistics package. To access AWStats, you will need to know your hosting account username and password.

  1. Log into the hosting control panel at
  2. In the left-hand Main Menu expand Hosting Space Menu
  3. Click on Advanced Web Statistics
  4. In the main window, the Advanced Web Statistics table will contain a list of all sites for whom statistics are enabled. Click on View Statistics to access statistics for a specific website. The statistics will open in a new browser window or tab.

Direct access via the address is no longer available. If you visit this address, you will be redirected to this article.


We offer the Piwik Analytics as an Addon for all hosting packages. If you have Piwik Analytics enabled, the statistics may be accessed as Please use your Piwik user account to login, not your hosting account details.

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