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Enabling Website Statistics

Article Id:
19 Jul 2012, last updated 02 Feb 2017 22:57

The website statistics feature is not automatically enabled when a new website is created. To enable the statistics feature, follow these steps:

  1. Log into the hosting control panel at
  2. Hover your mouse cursor over the Web icon. A small menu will appear to the right, click on the Advanced Web Statistics option
  3. If statistics are enabled for a site, it will be listed their along with a View Statistics link
  4. If statistics are not enabled, click on the Add Statistics Site button
  5. Select the website you wish to add statistics for from the drop down menu and click on the Add Site button
  6. You will be returned to the list of statistics sites. To access the statistics, click on the View Statistics link

Please Note

  • Although the statistics feature is not enabled by default, we do log access to your website from its' creation
  • Statistics are updated once a day. If you have only just enabled statistics, you will not see any recorded statistics until the next day
  • We typically only retain 1 year's worth of log data as per our regulatory requirements.
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