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Editing the TaxiOffice E-mail Template

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04 Nov 2013, last updated 04 Dec 2013 13:48


You may customise the design of e-mail messages sent out by TaxiOffice by editing the default template. The TaxiOffice admin website includes a rich editor that allows for easy alteration and manipulation of the mail template including the inclusion of images and other styling. This article explains how to use the editor to customise the default template.

What is the default e-mail template?

The default e-mail template defines the basic structure, design and layout of all messages sent out by TaxiOffice. Apart from including operator logos, the default template should also contain important legal and contact information.

Using Keywords

The TaxiOffice e-mail template also includes extensive supports of keywords. These are values that will automatically be filled in by TaxiOffice when sending a message. For example, the keyword $datetime$ will automatically be replaced with the current date and time. All keywords begin and end with a dollar ($) sign.

» Recognised TaxiOffice E-mail Keywords

Editing the Email Template

Only staff accounts with Admin permissions are able to edit the default template.

  1. Log into TaxiOffice Admin
  2. Go to Settings & Tools > E-mail Template
  3. The current template is displayed. To edit the template, click on the Edit Template button
  4. Using the rich text editor, edit the changes
    • Important: The keyword $message_body$ must be present within the template.
  5. Once happy with the changes, click on the Save Template button.

All changes take immediate effect. If you wish to test your new template, please use the Send a Message tool.

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