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What is the TaxiOffice Admin account

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04 Nov 2013, last updated 28 Nov 2013 18:37


This article explains what the TaxiOffice admin account is and the best practices to adopt when using it.

What is the admin account?

All TaxiOffice instances include a staff user account with the username admin. This account is automatically created during provisioning and is the super-user or administrator account for TaxiOffice.

What can it do?

The admin account is the most powerful user within TaxiOffice. It may change settings, create and manage other user accounts and manipulate the content of the public website.

As with any super-user account, the distribution of the admin account's password should be restricted to only those that really require it.

When should I use it?

The primary purpose of the admin account is for the configuration and setup of TaxiOffice. Once TaxiOffice is configured, we recommend the use of a standard staff account for day-to-day use. If you require an account with near-admin capabilities, use an account with the Manager role assigned.

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