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Domain Locking

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30 Jun 2021
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What is domain locking?

Domain Locking is a configuration setting for a domain that prevents unauthorised, accidental or undesired changes being made to your domain name. Used in conjunction with the EPP Authorisation Code, it prevents your domain from being transferred to another Registrar without your permission.

Wherever possible, we automatically enable domain locking for all new domains.

If domain locking is enabled or set, the following actions are blocked:

  • Modification of the domain name
  • Domain name deletion
  • Domain name transfer

A particular use of domain locking is to prevent potentially malicious entities from attempting to transfer a domain away without your consent.

Enable/Disable Domain Locking

You may enable or disable domain locking at any time through an individual domain's control panel. Go to My Account > Domains > > Domain Locking.

Changes to domain locking are more less immediate. We strongly recommend against disabling domain locking.

Availability & Exceptions

The availability of domain locking is dependent on individual domain registries. All global top-level domains (gTLDs) like .com, .net and .org all support locking.

Domain locking is not currently support with UK domains, but it should be support from mid July 2021 onwards. See this blog post for further details.

Other known TLDs that do not support domain locking are eu, .fr, .ca, it and .be.

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