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What is an EPP Authorisation Code?

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15 Dec 2012, last updated 17 Nov 2015 13:19

The EPP authorisation code is a secret code assigned by the Registrar when your domain was created. It is basically a password for your domain and is primarily used to protect your domain against unauthorised transfers.

You may change the EPP authorisation code at any time, but to protect your domain and yourself, you should always used a sophisticated password that is not disclosed to anyone.

EPP authorisation codes have a number of aliases, including:

  • Auth Code
  • EPP Code
  • EPP Auth Code
  • EPP Authentication Code
  • EPP Authorisation Key
  • Domain Key
  • Domain Secret
  • Authorisation Transfer Key

Getting or Change your domain's EPP

To view your domain's current EPP Code go to My Account > Domains > > Auth Code.

At the same location you may also generate a new EPP code or manually specify a code.

You may view, change or generate y

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