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Who do I contact if a query about a website's cookies?

KB280 Last reviewed 14 September 2016
Who do I contact if a query about a website's cookies


This article explains who you should contact if you have a query or complaint about cookies on a website.

Who should I contact?

The cookie law applies to website users and owners, not hosting providers like Calzada Media. Therefore, your first point of contact should be the website's owner.

Websites Hosted by Calzada Media

If you believe a website is hosted by us and the website's owner/publishers have not replied to you in a timely or appropriate manner, then please contact us.

Please include the following details in your complaint:

  • The website's Url (or address)
  • The problem or issue
  • Details of any correspondence you have had with the website's owner to date
  • The date and time you accessed the site.
  • Any applicable screenshots

Please note that submission of a complaint does not imply nor guarantee any action or resolution to your satisfaction.

Official Complaints and Queries

If you wish to make an official complaint or are looking for more information, please contact the regulator, the Information Commissioner's Office.

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