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What is the Cookie Law?

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14 Sep 2016, last updated 24 Sep 2021 12:51
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This article explains the regulations concerning the use of website cookies.

What is the law?

From 26th May 2012, the United Kingdom Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations have been updated to reflect changes to the European Union (EU) Privacy Directive. An important component of this was how website handle and explain their use of cookies.

A cookie is a small text file that your web browser saves to your computer. Cookies are used by websites to store and use information during your visit and sometimes on subsequent visits. Cookies don't install viruses or malware, but they are able to be used in tracking users. Learn more about cookies.

Using cookies is not prohibited under the new regulations, but they do require that users are informed about cookies and given the opportunity to opt. Websites using cookies must:

  • Inform users (visitors) that they use cookies
  • Explain what cookies there are and how they are used
  • Obtain consent to store cookies on the user's device.

To find out more about cookies, please see:

Who does it apply to?

The law applies to website visitors (i.e. you) and the website owners, not hosting providers like Calzada Media. It the responsibility of website owners to ensure that the use of cookies within their website are compliant with the new regulations.

If you have any queries about how a website uses cookies, please contact the website owner. Calzada Media is not responsible for cookies outside of its' own websites.

For information about how Calzada Media uses cookies, please see How we use cookies.

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