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What are the common libraries?

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12 Feb 2016, last updated 18 Feb 2016 18:20


This article provides general information and important licencing details about the Calzada Media common libraries.

What are the common libraries?

The common libraries are a set of .NET programming libraries designed and developed by Calzada Media. Nearly all of the websites and applications we produce include at least one common library.

The principle behind the common library is simplicity. Each library delivers commonly used functionality that is utilised by many applications. By developing and maintaining functionality within a common library, application development and management is greatly simplified.

The Common Libraries

The common libraries are:

  • CalzadaMedia.Communicator
  • CalzadaMedia.Core
  • CalzadaMedia.Forum
  • CalzadaMedia.NetTools
  • CalzadaMedia.Perception
  • CalzadaMedia.Search
  • CalzadaMedia.Social
  • CalzadaMedia.Statistics
  • CalzadaMedia.Web


Public documentation and technical assistance for common libraries is provided on ad-hoc basis. As the common libraries are developed and maintained exclusively for use by Calzada Media, we reserve the right to provide any form of assistance at our discretion.


The use of any common library is strictly limited to the application with which they are distributed. Any use of a common library outside of the licenced application is prohibited and may lead to the suspension or cancellation of any product, service or licenced application from Calzada Media.

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