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TaxiOffice Maintenance, Upgrades and Updates

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15 Jun 2015, last updated 15 Jun 2015 16:35


This article provides information concerning maintenance, updates and upgrades of TaxiOffice and our infrastructure.

Software Updates & Upgrades

TaxiOffice is actually comprised of two items: the TaxiOffice application (the website) and the underlying management system. The implementation of updates, upgrades and other

TaxiOffice Application Updates

All standard upgrades, updates and bug fixes to the TaxiOffice application are included as part of a valid TaxiOffice Subscription. If you are using a customised version of TaxiOffice with bespoke functionality, the availability of any upgrades or updates may be subject to a separate agreement.

In most circumstances we will announce our intention to implement upgrades or updates at least once week in advance through a number of channels:

  • A post will be published on our blog detailing what work is to be done, when we are planning to do it and the scope of any possible interruption in service.
  • We will Tweet a message through our Twitter Account (@CalzadaMedia) with a link pointing to the blog post.
  • A corresponding message will be added to our FaceBook profile (
  • An alert message will be sent to the nominated email address for each customer account.

Management System Updates

Generally, we do not announce updates to the Management System until they have already been implemented.

UnAnnounced Updates

In some rare instances, it may be necessary to implement an update without any prior warning. An example of when this might occur is if we had to implement a fix to a problem that we deem to require immediate attention.

If such an update is required, we will still endeavour to warn customers by via blog, Twitter, Facebook and direct email messages.

System Maintenance

System Maintenance is different from upgrades and updates as it normally relates on our servers and network. As with TaxiOffice updates, we announce any such work via our blog, Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Routine Maintenance Information


The TaxiOffice Management System operates a number of automated housekeeping and maintenance tasks that run daily or hourly. The most intensive of these tasks occur around 05:00 (GMT) every day. During this period, customers may experience impaired performance with their TaxiOffice website.

Reporting Problems

If you experience a problem with TaxiOffice, please let us know as soon as possible using either the Support Helpdesk or by email (see below). When submitting support messages, please include as much detail as possible including an overview of what you were doing when the issue occurred.

Requesting Changes or New Functionality

A significant proportion of new and upgraded TaxiOffice functionality is based on feedback from our users. If you have a suggestion on how to improve TaxiOffice, whether it be new functionality or a modification to existing capabilities, please contact us.

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