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Configuring IMAP Account in eM Client


This article provides a step-by-step guide on adding and configuring your Calzada email account using IMAP in eM Client

This article only applies to our standard mail accounts, not Hosted Exchange accounts.

Getting eM Client

eM Client is a versatile email client that supports standard IMAP/POP3, Gmail, Exchange, iCloud and accounts. It is free for personal/home use with a PRO (chargeable) version available for commercial usage.

eM Client may be download for free from

Configuring IMAP Account

1. Once installed, double-click on the eM Client icon on your Windows Desktop

2. If this is the first time you have run eM Client the New Account wizard will automatically run. If so, and for the purposes of this guide, click on Cancel

3. Go to Tools > Accounts.

4. This will launch the New Account wizard. Click on Mail and then select Other. Then click on Next

emclient-new-account.jpg - Click for larger image

5. Enter you email address where applicable and then click on Next

emclient-account-wizard-step1.jpg - Click for larger image

6. On the next page, Incoming Server, complete as follows:

  • Type of incoming server = IMAP
  • Incoming Server =
  • Leave the value of User name unchanged - it should already be filled with your email address
  • Password = Your mail account password

Once completed, click on Next.

emclient-account-wizard-step2-imap.jpg - Click for larger image

7. On the next page, Outgoing Server, all the required details should automatically be filled and should be as below:

  • Outgoing Server =
  • Leave the value of User name unchanged - it should already be filled with your email address
  • Password = Your mail account password
  • The check/tick box Outgoing server doesn't require authentication should be unticked/unchecked

Once completed, click on Next.

emclient-account-wizard-step3.jpg - Click for larger image

8. On the Test Configuration page, the wizard will test and verify connection to our servers. Once completed (see screenshot below), click on Next.

emclient-account-wizard-step4.jpg - Click for larger image

9. On the Account Details page, enter some additional information about your account.

  • For Your name enter the name to use for messages sent from the account. For example: Joe Bloggs or ACME Sales
  • The value of Account Name is the name of the new account within eM Client.

Once completed, click on Next

emclient-account-wizard-step5.jpg - Click for larger image

10. The wizard has now completed. Click on Finish to close the wizard and return to eM Client. eM Client will begin to download the contents of your account shortly.

emclient-account-wizard-step6.jpg - Click for larger image

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