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eM Client IMAP Connection Errors

Article Id:
08 May 2015, last updated 16 Mar 2023 18:27


If you use" title="eM Client">eM Client to access our standard POP3/IMAP email accounts, you may occasionally get the error message stating Connecting to mail account failed (see screenshot below).

eM Client IMAP Connection Error

Under the Log tab, you may see entries of MailExceptions.ConnectionExceptions followed immediately by (Connection Terminated)

eM Client Sync Log Error

If you enable diagnostic logging in eM Client, you should find the following entry in the log file:

21:20:57.389|053| )
21:20:57.389|053| Exception:
21:20:57.389|053| Protocol violation
21:20:57.389|053| Line )
21:20:57.389|053| Greetings * OK Calzada Media ( IMAPv4

Cause & Solution

At this time, we believe this issue is being caused by a bug in the software that powers our mail services. This is a known bug that only affects IMAP connections and the software developers have stated it will be addressed in a forthcoming version.

This bug will not cause you to lose any messages. If a message fails to sync, eM Client will automatically re-attempt synchronisation. If you have any concerns about missing messages, please check your account using Webmail.

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