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Configure IMAP account in Opera Mail

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28 Apr 2015, last updated 16 Mar 2023 18:27


This article provides a step-by-step guide on adding and configuring your Calzada email account in Opera Mail.

This article only applies to our standard mail accounts, not Hosted Exchange accounts.

Getting Opera Mail

Opera Mail is a free POP/IMAP client that may be download from

Configuring IMAP Account

1. Once Opera Mail has installed, it will automaticall load and present the New Account Wizard. Ensure Email is selected and the click on Next.

Opera Mail IMAP Configure Step 1

2. Complete the fields Real name, Email address and Organisation. If you don't have an organisation, leave this field blank or enter your name again. Once entered, click on Next.

Opera Mail IMAP Configure Step 2

3. Enter your full email address in Login name along with your password. Under Select an email account type select IMAP then click on Next,

Opera Mail IMAP Configure Step 3

4. Enter for both Incoming server and Outgoing server fields. We recommend that you check/tick Use secure connection (TLS) for both servers as well. Once completed, click on Finish.

Opera Mail IMAP Configure Step 4

5. Opera will now load its' main interface and begin syncing your email account.

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