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Backup MX

Article Id:
27 Apr 2015


This article explains about the backup mailserver or Backup MX service that is included with all our standard mail accounts. If you don't use our standard mail accounts, please request the Backup MX be disabled for your domain.

What is a Backup MX?

If our mail server ( is down or unavailable, our Backup MX will accept the messages and the deliver them once our mail server is restored.

(MX = Mail eXchanger, or a more technical name for a mail server)

Where is your Backup MX?

Our backup MX is located in Reading, UK and so is geographically separate from our mail server in London.

Configuring your DNS Zone

To be able to use our Backup MX, you must ensure that the appropriate MX record exists in your domain's DNS zone. For most domains, this records already exists as it is included in the Default DNS Zone.

The record should be:

Type Host Name Content Priority
MX @ 50

The value of priority must be higher than the value specified for the normal mail server (typically 10).

Other Information

Our Backup MX only accepts messages for known email address. These are addresses that have been defined for email accounts, aliases or distribution lists. The Backup MX automatically updates its' list of recognised email address every 15 minutes.

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