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Default DNS Zone

KB9 Last reviewed 17 November 2015
Default DNS Zone for domains hosted by Calzada Media.


For your domain to be any use, it needs to have a DNS zone. A zone is a set of records that primarily define what servers handle services for your domain.

How do I manage my DNS Zone?

You may manage your domain's DNS zone at any time via My Account. Click on the Sign In or My Account link at the top of this page.

Standard DNS Zone

The standard DNS zone that should be used if your website is hosted by us.

Type Host Name Content Priority
A www
A *
A ftp
A @
MX @ 10
MX @ 50
TXT @ v=spf1 mx ~all

Optional Entries

Thunderbird AutoConfiguration

Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 and later includes mail account Autoconfiguration functionality. We fully support autoconfiguration, but it is enabled on a per customer basis and upon request.

To enable Thunderbird Autoconfiguration for your domain, do the following:

  1. Add a CNAME record with a host name of autoconfig with content of
  2. Contact us to request enabling of AutoConfiguration via the Support Helpdesk cmc:514
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