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Configure IMAP email account in Android

KB218 Last reviewed 07 January 2015
How to configure IMAP account in Android Email App


This article provides a step-by-step guide on adding and configuring your Calzada e-mail account in the Android Email App.

Caution: This article was prepared using a generic version of Android 4.4 (KitKat) and the steps below apply equally to Smartphone or Tablet devices. As some Android devices have been "skinned" by


1. Locate the Email App and then tap on its' icon to open.

email-icon.png - Click for larger image

2. If you have yet to define any email account, the Account Setup wizard will automatically appear - skip to step 3

If you have already configured an email account, click on the menu icon (3 vertical squared boxes - see screenshot below) and the tap on Settings.

email-access-settings.png - Click for larger image

Then tap on Add Account (see screenshot below for reference).

email-account-list.png - Click for larger image

3. Where prompted, enter your email address and password and then tap on Next

email-account-create-1.png - Click for larger image

4. Tap on IMAP

email-account-create-2.png - Click for larger image

5. Configure IMAP settings as follows:

  • Username = your email address (this should already be configured)
  • Password = your password (this should already be configured)
  • IMAP server = mail.
    • For example, if your email address is, the IMAP server will be
  • Port = 143
  • Security type = None
  • IMAP path prefix = leave empty

Once completed, tap on Next

email-account-create-3-imap.png - Click for larger image

6. Configure SMTP settings as follows:

  • SMTP server = mail.
  • Port = 25
  • Security type = None
  • The option Require sign-in should be ticked/checked
  • Username = your email address (this should already be configured)
  • Password = your password (this should already be configured)

Once completed, tap on Next

email-account-create-4-smtp.png - Click for larger image

7. The Account Settings page is where you may configure the various synchronisation options for the new account.

Alter if required and then tap on Next

email-account-create-5-settings.png - Click for larger image

8. Finally, give the new account a name and specify a name to use in outgoing messages. The Account Setup wizard will have automatically configured values for both.

Alter if required and then tap on Next

email-account-create-6-finish.png - Click for larger image

9. The Email App will now begin to download and sync your IMAP account and you should see a list of your most recent messages after a few seconds.

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