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What is Marathon?


Marathon is an advanced website task scheduling service from Calzada Media. It is used to call specific website address according to a predefined and customisable schedule.

What can it do?

A Marathon task will call a specific website address of Url according to a predefined scheduled. The available schedule options are:

  • Repetively
    • Example: a task that runs every 30 minutes
  • Day of week (i.e. Monday, Tuesday etc) at specific times
    • E.g. Task that runs every Friday at 18:00 - ideal for end of week reports
  • Day of month (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 25th) at specific times
    • Example: A task that runs on the 7th day of the month at 12:00
  • Last Day of Month
    • Example: a task that runs at 14:00 on the last day of the month


Marathon is only available to Calzada Media customers with an active web hosting package. Each package has a maximum number of Marathon tasks available.

Marathon tasks cannot be configured through the" title="Hosting Control Panel">Hosting Control Panel. To request a task, contact support for information about availability.

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