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Camino Frequently Asked Questions

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11 Sep 2014, last updated 24 Feb 2016 10:49

What is Camino?

Camino our Content Management System, or CMS. It allows for the building of rich, dynamic websites that are easy to update and expand.

Learn more about Camino

What are Camino Licences?

See Camino Licencing FAQs

What are Camino Modules?

A module is an extension for Camino that provides additional functionality and capability. This may be either content-centric - i.e. the inputting and display of public content - or it can be used to provide additional capability like integrating with 3rd party services.

For more information, see the Modules Documentation or the Camino Modules FAQs.

Who uses Camino?

You are looking at it! Camino powers the Calzada Media website. See List of Camino users.

Is there a demo website?

The demo website is currently unavailable as we are in the process of finishing off the latest major version of Camino, 0.9. When this version is completed, will be updating the demo and announcing its' availability on our blog.

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