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Using the Pages File Manager

KB198 Last reviewed 11 September 2014
How use the File Manager in the Camino CMS Pages module.


This article provides help and information on how to use the File Manager functionality in the Pages module. The File Manager allows site administrators to easily upload and manage files and folders within their Camino site.

This article does not apply to the Pages (Starter Edition) module as the File Manager is only available with the Pages module.


Site administrators will only be able to upload, create, edit and delete files and folders if the necessary security permissions have been configured for their Camino site. For the File Manager to work to its' full potential, write permissions must be enabled for the /user/site folder of your Camino site. Typically, most hosting providers do not enable write permissions by default.

Accessing the File Manager

  1. Log into Camino Administrator
  2. In the left-hand menu, click on the Pages option.
  3. From the top menu, click on the File Manager menu option


The File Manager is powered by WebFileManager, a web-based file manager created by Calzada Media. For help, guides and documentation, please refer to the WebFileManager documentation.


WebFileManager is a separately licenced product included with Camino CMS. All Camino Licences include permission to use WebFileManager solely within the licenced Camino site.

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