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Help! I've forgotten my password

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30 Aug 2014

To access the majority of our online services, you will need a password. If you forget your password, there are a number of routes available to quickly reset it.

If you do change any password, please protect it and ensure it is as complicated as possible.

Please Note: most passwords are stored in such a manner that they cannot be viewed by Calzada Media. We do not store or maintain lists of customer passwords.

My Account / Customer Portal

If you have forgotten your My Account password, you may change your password using the reset password functionality:

WebsitePanel / Hosting Control Panel.

If you have forgotten your password to our hosting control panel, there are two routes available to change it:

  • Log into My Account, then click on the Web Hosting tab followed by the Change Admin Password link
  • Alternatively, go to the Hosting Control Panel login page and click on the Forgot your Password link.
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