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E-mail AntiVirus Scanning

KB184 Last reviewed 29 August 2014

What we scan

All incoming e-mail passes through a series of scans and checks to identify possibly suspect messages. The majority of these scans are anti-spam measures, but we also scan messages and any attachments for possible virus or malware.

If a message is identified as potentially containing a virus, then that message and any attachments is automatically deleted. We cannot recover any message once deleted.

Although we run antivirus checks, we do not guarantee that all e-mail messages that reach your mailbox will be virus or malware free. You should always run an up-to-date antivirus software package on your computer.

Blocked Attachments

For security reasons, we automatically block e-mail attachments with certain filename extensions.

False Positives

No AntiVirus software is perfect and so there may be occasions where an e-mail is incorrectly identified as containing a virus - a False Positive.

If a false positive occurs, we are still unable to recover the deleted message.

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