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How to add and edit jobs

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07 Feb 2014, last updated 08 Feb 2014 00:16


This article will decribe how to add and edit jobs. Jobs are added and edited using the Job Details form. Details of this form and form fields can be found later in this document.

Adding New Jobs

There is more than one way to get to the Job Details form to add a new job.

  1. Clicking on the New Job button in the right hand side of the header.
  2. Cliking on New Job under the Jobs menu.
  3. Clicking on the New Job button on the Dashboard page.

Clicking on the New Job button in the header is the easiest way to get to the Job Details form because it is always available to click on from any page. Once on the Job Details form, fill in the required fields and click on the Save button to add the new job. A description of the Job Details form fields can be found later in this document.

Editing Existing Jobs

Jobs can be edited by clicking on the Edit link for a job on any Jobs List, namely All Jobs, Confirmed Jobs, Unconfirmed Jobs, Completed Jobs and the Search Results job lists. Once on the Job Details form the form fields will be pre-filled with the details of the selected job. Make the desired changes to the selected job and click on the Save button to save your changes.

Job Details Form

The table below details all the form fields on the Job Details form. It also states whether a field is required or not.

Form Field Required Description
Customer No This drop down list will include any customers registered for online accounts.
From Yes Pick up address.
To Yes Destination address.
Passenger No Principal passenger's name.
Date/Time Yes Date and time of journey.
Fare Yes Journey fare, must be numeric value.
Payment Yes Method of payment, Cash, Account, Card, Cheque etc.
Parking No Only required for Account or Credit Card jobs.
Job Status Yes Job status drop down list.
Job Source Yes Job source drop down list.
Loyalty Points Yes Required only if the Loyalty System has been enabled and the selected Customer is a loyalty points customer.
Quote No Quote may be included in the job confirmation email to customer.
Driver Yes Driver should be selected for Completed and No Pick Up job statuses.
Vehicle Yes Vehicle type used for the job.
Public Notes No These notes can be seen by the customer if the customer is registered for an online account.
Private Notes No Internal notes for staff.

Save Buttons

On the Job Details page, there are two save buttons. The Save Job button once clicked to save the job details, takes you to the Jobs List page. Clicking the Save & Add Another button will save the job details and take you to a new Job Details page so another job may be added straight away.

Notification Emails

If a Confirmed or No Pick Up Job Status is selected for the job, a Notify Customer section appears. This may be used to send a job confirmation email or a job cancellation email to the customer.

To send a notification email tick the first check box inside the Notify Customer section. You may include the Quote inside the email by ticking the appropriate check box. And lastly, enter the email address of the customer who is to receive the notification email. Note that if a registered customer is selected from the Customer drop down list, the Notification Email text box will be pre-filled with the registered customer's email address.

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