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How to use the Fare Calculator

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07 Feb 2014, last updated 07 Feb 2014 18:16


The Fare Calculator tool can help in determining the fares for taxi quotes. This article will explain how to use the Fare Calculator.

Calculating a Fare

The fare calculator is a simple tool which takes the mileage of a journey and generates prices based on predefined settings. These settings are changeable by the user and are explained in more detail later in this document.

To start, click on Fare Calculator under the Quotes menu. Enter the mileage of your journey into the Mileage text box on this page. The Traffic drop down list may be used to influence the prices generated. For example, using the Heavy Traffic option during rush hour will generate slightly higher prices and hence provide a more accurate quote.

Clicking on the Get Price button will display fares in 3 separate tables which are colour coded. The blue table displays full prices for the journey, the green table displays recommended prices (these prices are slightly discounted from the full priced blue table) and lastly the red table displays the prices which are base prices (heavily discounted) and should only be quoted in special circumstances.

Please note, the fares calculated using this tool should only be used as a guide.

The Fare Calculator will also display the estimated fuel cost of this journey.

Fare Calculation Settings

The Settings button brings up the settings dialogue. This dialogue includes the settings described in the following table. Note that all values for these settings are numeric values.

Setting Description
Miles Per Gallon (mpg) Used to calculate the estimated fuel cost of journey.
Fuel Cost Per Litre Used to calculate the estimated fuel cost of journey.
Fare First Mile Fare for the first mile of the journey. This is usually higher than subsequent miles.
Fare Per Mile Fare per mile, after the first mile.
Minimum Fare Minimum fare per journey.
Tariff 2 Multiplier Example: Value of 1.5 means Tariff 2 will be time and a half of Tariff 1.
MPV Multiplier Example: Value of 1.5 means, time and a half for MPV fares.
Executive Car Multiplier Example: Value of 1.25 means, time and a quarter for executive cars.

Once these settings are set, close the settings dialogue and click on the Get Price button again to refresh the prices and the estimated fuel cost for the journey.

Default Settings

Changes to the settings on the Fare Calculator page are temporary, that is, if you navigate away from the Fare Calculator page and then return, the settings will have reverted back to the default settings.

The default Fare Settings are set upon initial set-up of TaxiOffice using the Setup Wizard. However, these default settings may be changed at any time by going to the Settings page found under the Tools & Settings menu. On this page look for the Fares section, which will display the same settings described above.

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