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How to create a quote

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06 Feb 2014, last updated 07 Feb 2014 18:15


This article explains how to create a new quote from the TaxiOffice Admin website.


Once logged into the Admin website, hover your mouse pointer over the Quotes menu and click on New Quote. The Quote Details dialogue will pop up. Fill in the quote details form as required. There are some fields on this form which you are required to fill in, these fields are listed below:

  1. Job Date/Time
  2. Return Date/Time (only if quote is for a return journey)
  3. Contact Name
  4. Contact Number
  5. Pick Up Address
  6. Destination Address
  7. Quote Expiry Date

Any notes entered inside the Additional Info. text box can be viewed by the customer. For internal notes on the quote, use the Our Notes text box. These notes are only viewable by staff members.

The quote may be emailed to the customer by ticking the check box labelled Tick to send quote to this email address. Note that if this check box is ticked, the customer's email address must be entered into the Contact Email text box. A custom message may also be included in the email by using the text box labelled Message to include in email.

Once all details are filled in, click on the Save button. A notification will appear indicating the quote was created successfully.

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